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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring


Digital physical therapy platform to improve balance, build strength, and reduce risk of fall and fall related injuries. 


"Immediately shows me how well I did and where I can improve my balance." 

Evidence-based Static and Dynamic Balance Exercises

Developed by Doctors of Physical Therapy to help improve balance, mobility, and strength. Many of the exercises mimic real-life functional movements and target muscle groups essential for daily activities.

Improve Balance to Achieve a Higher Score

The Aspire Sensor measures the sways, wobbles, twists and bends the body makes during the exercises with millimeter precision. The app provides immediate feedback with scores that reflect stability and control.

A Personal Approach Beyond Clinic Walls

Design tailored home exercises programs and monitor progress remotely. Engage patients with personalized guidance based on objective data and metrics.


US FDA Registered Class II Medical Device 


SSL Encryption

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